My work is centred mostly around the human figure. The themes that have often driven my work are those of a kind of social study; the relationship between people and places.

For example, in 2009/10 I relocated to Berlin and, against the backdrop of the global recession and the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, I created a series of works capturing some of the people I met and places I experienced.

Lately my work has shifted towards metaphors of the inner state of mind. Hinting at a multitude of external factors that effect our mental state, my new studies invites the viewer to reflect their own inner selves, abstracted through motion blurs, breaks and double exposures.

Study of Jess 01- Acrylic on canvas -60 x 50cm (2019)
Winter in Berlin - oil on canvas -100 x 120cm (2010)
Anna - Acrylic on board (2015)
Pencil sketch
Yves in Berlin - oil on canvas (2010)
Untitled - Acrylic on canvas -150 x 120cm (2020)
Study of Jess 02- Acrylic on canvas -60 x 50cm (2019)
Winter in Berlin II - oil on canvas (2010)
Neukoln nights - oil on canvas, 100 x 130cm (2009)

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