I am currently interested in how I can interlace patterns with a narrative.

The project started off with wondering how I can imbue a decorative pattern with information.

This is an ongoing personal project and I hope to eventually screenprint these images onto paper and fabric. So watch this space!


The subject of deforestation weaved into a traditional

Victorian wallpaper design.

Work in progress.

Plastic Pollution in Paisley

This design was a response to the current problem of plastic waste that finds its way into the worlds oceans, rivers and lakes. It was also a play on the traditional Paisley pattern.

Conflict in Chinoiserie

Work in Progress

Coffee & Cigarettes

The coffee bean and tobacco plant together combines to create something that for many is a morning tradition to kickstart the day!


A nice floral pattern....except that its made up of not so innocent plants and mushrooms! How many can you spot?!

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